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Cowboy Slang Terms for Things You Eat and Drink

Food is just one of the things that make people turn 180 degrees. If someone turns from being incredibly irritated to seemingly tranquilized, you can thank food for that. May it be food cooked in a conventional way or in air fryers, it certainly gives comfort. If you’re really going to explore air fryers, you will find an unbiased air fryers reviews to decide what to buy. Each country has its own distinct dish to offer: Japan’s sushi, the Philippines’ adobo, Mexico’s tacos, Italy’s pasta, and so on. However, over the years, countries have come to adopt certain dishes and kinds of food while adding their own little twist to it. Even the names of certain kinds of food can be different in some countries or areas.  One of the most interesting ones is the cowboy slang. The names for food and drinks in cowboy slang are so different from the ones most people are used to that it’s already a little bit mind-blowing. Let’s take a look at the list of food and drinks and their cowboy slang translations.


Bear Sign

The very sweet doughnuts that people love is called the bear sign in cowboy slang.

Overland Trout

Yes, American’s favorite breakfast is called Overland Trout in cowboy slang.

Boggy Top

Boggy Top is what cowboys call a pie with no crust.


This word means eggs in the cowboy slang.

Blue John

If you’re looking for skimmed milk, you might want to refer to it as blue john when talking to people who use cowboy slang.

Charlie Taylor

This one is a butter substitute that is mixed with fat.


If you like biscuits with raisins, then huckdummy is for you.

Hen-Fruit Stir And Long Sweetenin’

This very long name just means pancakes with molasses.

Hot Rock/ Doughgods/ Sinker

Any of these three names would mean biscuits in cowboy slang.

Spotted Pup/ Horse Thief Special

This would mean tapioca pudding that comes with raisins or rice.

Love Apples

This name would refer to canned tomatoes.


It’s not very surprising that this name means honey.

Music Roots

This terms means sweet potatoes.

Pecos Strawberries/ Whistle Strawberries/ Mexican Strawberries

All these three just mean beans.


In cowboy slang, mysteries would mean sausage of any variety.

Salt Horse

This one is another name for corned beef.


This basically means to roast corn over some fire.

Skunk Eggs

Skunk eggs are not eggs at all; they are onions.

Saltwater Vegetables

This would be the term for oysters or clams.

Sipper/ Texas Butter

Sipper or Texas Butter means the people’s ever favorite gravy.

Sun-Of-A-Gun Stew

Well, this kind of stew is quite special as it is stew made of just about everything.

Wasp Nest

Yeah, this one isn’t any nest. This one means bread.


Float A Horseshoe

Coffee. Yes, this just means coffee.

Belly Wash

Belly wash refers to the milder kind of coffee.

John Barleycorn

This one is what one would usually drink after a long day: beer.

Nose Paint

If you want something a little stronger than beer, nose paint, a.k.a. whiskey, would be the one for you.

A Boilermaker And His Helper

Can’t decide between beer and whiskey? Order a boilermaker and his helper, a.k.a. beer with a shot of whiskey.

Well, these food and drink names are certainly unique, if anything. You might want to remember them. Who knows, they might be of use to you in the future.

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