Wedding Wine

How To Choose Your Wedding Wine Like An Expert

Choosing the perfect wine for your wedding might be a difficult thing to do. After all, the countless hours that you’ve spent for your wedding such as buying those wedding rings and preparing the wedding dresses, you can find the whole list here. Selecting the best wine for your wedding is the last thing you should worry about. However, the perfect wedding meal wouldn’t be complete without the perfect wedding wine. A wine can inspire many memorable moments, fuel the dance party, and elevate the meals.

There is no question that wine is an essential ingredient for any type of occasion since ancient times. So, we make a list of tips on how to choose the most ideal wine for your wedding.

Know Your Guests

The key to having a successful hosting event is to make sure that your guest is comfortable with the menu. You might have the best adventurous palette of food and a super tasty delicious wine, but what if your guests prefer a more traditional and conservative type of drink? What if your father-in-law only drinks Napa Valley red wine? If so, it might be a good idea to include that kind of beverage in your menu. Knowing what your guests prefer will help you choose the most ideal wine to serve at your wedding.

Match The Wine With The Season

If you’re having your wedding on a summer day, then it might not be a good idea to serve them a richer, warmer, and heartier kind of beverage. It’s also important to select the best wines that will match the season of your wedding. For summer, you might want to have something that is lighter and fresher for the body such as sauvignon blanc, Riesling, or pinot noir. If you are having your wedding on the fall and winter season, a Viognier, Chardonnay, Syrah, and Cabernet sauvignon would be perfect.

Check The Size

When choosing the best beverages to serve, it is important to check the bubble size. The bubble usually determines the quality of the champagne or wine. The smaller the bubble is, the higher the wine’s quality.

Know How Many Wines You Would Need

It is also important to know how much wine you will need for the occasion. If you are expecting to have a guest of 150 persons, then it would be a good idea to get 180 bottles. Running out of wine is something that you do not want to happen. The good thing is that any leftover wine can either be taken home for your honeymoon or sold back into the venue’s inventory.

Keep It Simple

Sometimes, you don’t need to serve the most complex varieties of beverages. There is no need to make serving wine look more complicated. According to some event coordinators, all you need is some red wine, white wine, and some sparkling champagne, and you’re good to go. People will still enjoy your drinks regardless of their preferences. To make it even more simple, just choose a wine that is refreshing and light and have a little red wine on the fruity and crispy side since both of them goes well together with different kinds of food.

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