Wine Recipes

The Best Alcoholic Drinks For A Keto Diet

Alcohol has a negative effect when it comes to weight loss. When on the keto diet, your main aim is to minimize carbs and get the body to burn fat. However, alcohol is high in carbs. Thus, most ketogenic cookbooks do not contain a list of alcoholic drinks. Just because it

CBD Oil-Infused Wines

Trending CBD Oil-Infused Wines

We all love to de-stress after a long day from work with a glass of red wine, but you know what’s even better? De-stressing with a glass of hemp wine! Hemp wine is simply your regular wine infused with CBD oil, a highly concentrated liquid extracted from the cannabis plant,

A Perfect Pairing of Some Dish and Wine

With the hot weather, it makes sense to talk about some spring-inspired wine and food that’s perfect for the season. Going through my recipe, I found Grilled swordfish served with fennel, spinach salad, and Rose Aioli as the best. A top chef named Jennifer Carroll drafted it. The major ingredients

Wine Country Baking

I am not a good baker, but I develop an interest in wine-related baking especially when the meal seems delicious. This was the case of Canelé, a delicious French Pastry famous for a custardy  centre, contrasting decadent, mahogany and burnt sugar crust. The Canelé is generally flavored with vanilla and

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