Paint Watercolor

How to Paint Watercolor

Although water color painting and paint brushes are extremely old, still people using it as a medium of resulting art work in which paint are made. It gives luminous effect to the painting made of pigment suspended in water soluble vehicle. It is easy to paint water colors by following some useful steps:

Use tools

There are some basic tools needed for painting water color like Charging colors, softening edge, Dry brush, lifting, scrubbing, blotting and sponge, flat water color paint brush, color cleaner, color holder, cardboard, tape. Arrange the tools before want to start the painting. Remember, apart from basic tools someone may need different tool for making different art.

Learn basic skills of painting

Water color skills are the basic ability of someone to paint the color. Select an art to paint with water color as this is the fundamental block building of water color. By learning these abilities someone can find the way of painting and feel proud. Excel in Some innovative skills and perfect idea of charging the colors can make someone an expert painter. So try to learn expertise in charging, lifting and blotting .Sometimes the color become over soaked or mistaken by the painter. So try to use blotting the color and make a remove adjusting the back ground.

Learn water color techniques

Water color technique is the method people learn to bring shape and form to the painting. It allows developing the creativity by applying tricks and methods which allow reaching a new height of painting abilities .Softening edge is a technique where it is used to make hard edge soft by blurring while water color wash is still wet. Softening edge is another way of transition. This technique allows the freedom to place a touch of color in that area previously painted.

Understand color temperature

It is difficult to keep the color separately as using before; Charging or bending a color is a water color technique allows mixing directly in the surface of the paper. It creates a smooth transition between two colors. Charging can be used for building a shadow. The color temperature is a characteristic of visible light that has important application in lighting and conventionally stated in absolute temperature.

Adjust color combination

Find lessons on different type of painting like skies, water, textures, flowers or any subject someone would wish. All of which enhances the confidence in working out the composition before beginning.try to mix up the color in proper texture and well absorbing method. As the painting process use clear, sharp brush to dampen the picture.

Allow to dry

Allow the art to dry completely once the painting process is completed. Carefully peel away the masking tape from the edges of the paper after finishing the painting. Give a clear out line and border to every side of the painting. Some painting does not look good while set in a dark border. So try to paint the color in outlining the border .It will looks nice. The painting will look very unique and awesome in this manner. This will leave a nice white border around the edge of your painting.

Some people loves painting as it their passion and others enjoy it while seeing. However this is an unborn quality and beautiful experience someone possesses to feel.

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