Tapestries Versatile

Why are Wall Tapestries Versatile and Great for Wall Adornment

Are you thinking of a bold room makeover or home redecoration? These kinds of changes should not be costly or stressful. In fact, choosing the perfect wall tapestry can already turn the tables around. If you are not that familiar with Tapestry Shopping just yet, we got you covered.

We have listed everything you need to know about the adornment. That way, you are prepared as you go tapestry shopping.

What exactly is a Wall Tapestry?

Originally, tapestries are large, woven textiles with intricate designs. Back then, it was still used to keep the castles warm in the winter seasons.

However, these days, tapestries are already made out of silky fabricsー totally lightweight too! Tapestries now have a wider range of designs, colors, and styles. Thus, making it an excellent and highly recommended wall decors.

Other Purpose of Wall Tapestry?

You’d be surprised how multifunctional wall tapestries are. Actually, these decors don’t only belong in walls. It could also be used as:

  • A unique and lovely tablecloth
  • Headboard cover in your room to amplify your bed’s beauty
  • Cool background for selfies, you should try it!

These are just some of the alternative ways you can use a tapestry for, but we think you get the gist. We do trust your creativity on this.

Where to Hang Wall Tapestries?

Anywhere you’re comfortable hanging it would seem a perfect place for the tapestry, that’s for sure. They’d basically look gorgeous in any room and would complement your theme.

But, just to help you a little on this, we think hanging it in your living room is a great idea. When visitors come over, that’s the first thing they’d see, and they’ll know how impressive your decoration taste is.

Wall Tapestry Installation

Hanging a wall tapestry is not a huge problem at all. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why we think tapestries are so versatile. There are many creative ideas on the internet on how you can stylishly attach the wall tapestry; you are welcome to explore.

However, if it’s the usual way you want to try on, just get yourself high-quality thumbtacks. Pinning each corner with a thumbtack is super doable. It will make your wall tapestry look like eye-catching wallpaper.

Care and Maintenance for Wall Tapestries

First things first, if you go and do your tapestry shopping online, the cloth would probably come wrinkled. You don’t really have to panic at all because it can be fixed in a snap. You can definitely iron it. Or, if you are too scared to damage the silk, you may throw it in the dryer along with a damp washcloth.

Now, how about taking care of the stains? Throwing it in the wash with cold water and a gentle cycle would do the trick. Just make sure that you’d dry it on low temperature.

Final Word

We think we covered it greatly how wall tapestries are particularly versatile and perfect as home decoration. Now, what’s left for you to do is buy the tapestry that draws out your personality and taste the most. We hope you enjoy your tapestry shopping!

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