commercial Microwavein Your Restaurant

Reasons Why You Should Use a commercial Microwavein Your Restaurant

Some restaurant’s kitchens have no commercial microwaves or have one that is underutilized. A Microwave is a valuable item that helps you speed up your service and minimize cooking and you should bot be getting burnt smell out of your microwave. Some people are turned off by myths being fuelled by people that microwaves only produce sub-standard results.

On the other, some do not know how to install or the purpose of a commercial microwave in a kitchen full of gas equipment. If you a restaurant owner, you need a microwave in your kitchen. Here are six formidable reasons why you should have a microwave to open up your business to new possibilities.

Reasons why you should use microwaves in your restaurant

  • Restaurant’s Menu Expansion

With a microwave in place, you can introduce new dishes that you were not offering before. You can include the trendy dips or brand new dishes into your menu to drive up your sales. This is possible because you have no worries about dishes that were prepared a long time ago. They can be quickly heated in a microwave in individual portions as they are ordered.

Microwave is also ideal for steam cooking. Some commercial microwaves accommodate large plastic pans where you can steam fresh food such as seafood or vegetables without costly plumbing or using bulky equipment.

  • Fast in Preparing Retherm Chilled Food    

In many restaurants, not all food is cooked from scratch in the kitchen. Therefore, some items are purchased while pre-cooked. Such items are either frozen or refrigerated. A microwave will be used to heat those items and make them ready for consumption faster as compared to steamers or water baths.

  • Quick in Defrosting Frozen Foods

Most of the foods cooked in-house using traditional means are in a frozen state. Therefore, you can use the microwave to defrost them to save time. This method is faster than slacking in a refrigerator.

Additionally, it is a safe method as it makes the thawing process easier and does not reduce the time that the food is kept in the danger zone where bacteria growth is fastest. Moreover, you will minimize waste and control the inventory as you can defrost individual food portions accordingly.

  • Speeds up food preparation and serving

With a microwave in your restaurant, you will minimize the time spent in preparing and serving food. Most of the common dishes in restaurants are ideal for heating in the microwaves. Most food dishes that accompany bread and chips can be heated in a microwave and served in five minutes. With reduced serving time, you will increase the number of sales and the total income in your business.

  • Does not Heat the Kitchen

Unlike most equipment such as ovens and ranges, microwaves do not generate ambient heat in the kitchen. This is because they use vibrating water molecules found in the food to generate heat. Therefore, only the generated heat is used directly to heat or warm the food.

  • Saves on Electricity Consumption

Microwaves are efficient and quick and therefore, they require significantly lower energy to produce similar food as other equipment. Therefore, you will save on your electricity bills.

Final Thought

Microwaves are essential components of a restaurant kitchen. It is therefore important to purchase a microwave for your restaurant because it has many benefits. It will speed up your operations, save on operational costs and increase the overall income in your business.

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