Recliner in Your Home

Guidelines on Placing A Recliner in Your Home

Recliners are some of the wisest buys for a piece of furniture; they allow at least two positions, and they can be very comfortable. This is why it’s no wonder a lot of people are wanting to place one in their homes. However, one of the things that hold them back is the size of it. Gaming recliners can be very big, too, but that doesn’t have to be a big problem if you know how to properly place them in your home.

1.         Place the recliner at a 45-degree angle.

As already established, recliners are quite large, and if you place them horizontally, they can take up more space than necessary. The best position for them is a 45-degree angle as this will save more space.

2.         Put the recliner against a corner.

As you put the recliner on a 45-degree angle, you might as well place it in a corner. Corners are great for big pieces of furniture as they are not usually crowded with people.

3.         Keep the recliner away from walls.

When you put your recliner in a corner, do not place it directly against the wall. Leave space in between – at least a foot or two to avoid it bumping against the wall when you do recline it.

4.         Place the recliner away from pathways.

Make sure to steer away from pathways as well. You don’t want to recline it only to find out that it is blocking the pathway, preventing people from passing through.

5.         Make sure to leave space between the recliner and other furniture.

Other pieces of furniture should be at least 20 inches away from the recliner. If they’re any closer, they will crowd the recliner and possibly give an image of a disorganized room.

6.         Avoid having large sofas or loveseats in small rooms.

If the room you’re putting the recliner in is really small, you might want to think twice about having large sofas or loveseats in it. A recliner and a huge sofa or loveseat together in a tiny space will not work.

7.         Place the recliner where it’s most functional for you.

Think about what you want to use the recliner for. Is it for looking over the outside view? Is it for while watching the television? Once you figure it out, place the recliner where it will allow you that function the most.

8.         Add accents to create balance.

Do put some small accents in the room to create a balance. Put one up on the wall or on the other side of the room to balance out the attention the recliner and its size are taking.

9.         Place the recliner across from the biggest furniture.

To have better dynamics, put the recliner directly across the biggest furniture in the room. This will create more balance.

10.       Make sure to give the buttons space as well.

Recliners have operating buttons that also need space. Don’t forget to ensure that there are no other pieces of furniture preventing you from accessing them.


Recliners may be space-consuming, but if you know how to properly place them in a room, you’ll do with one just fine.

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