Wines and liquor are part of the daily living of most people like jonsered chainsaw reviews all over the world. Some people drink during special occasions like birthdays, baptismal, weddings, anniversaries, festivals, Christmas and New Year. Some choose to drink if they to during regular days. There are also people who are drinking on a daily basis.

Now that reusing old materials is a trend to save the environment, lovers of wine can now showcase their beautiful contribution. Oak barrel, serves as good storage while fermenting wine, whiskey or beer. These barrels made up of good wood and metal hoops can be deconstructed into something new.

You can look for old barrels on brewery, winery or distillery in your area. For you to make something new from these old oak barrels, you might be in need of tools to disintegrate the strong bind between the pieces of wood and metal hoops.

Chainsaws are highly recommended tools to do the following household items from old barrels. Compared to handsaws, chainsaws would require less effort from the user but still producing fine cuts on the wood. If you will be doing much of cutting pieces of wood, you might think of purchasing a cord or cordless, battery or gas-operated chainsaws.

Now that you know where to get the barrels and the key tool to use, here are some of the household items that you can produce:

  • Wine barrel décor. The barrel itself can be a nice piece of furniture with a classic look. Simply clean and shine its surface and it can be a table or a stool in an instant.
  • Wine barrel staves bench. You will need more old barrels in doing this project depending on the size of the bench that you will create. Separate the pieces of wood from the barrel. Look for a guide or framework for a bench. Attach the pieces of wood to the design of your choice.
  • Barrel hanging base. Pieces of wood from the old barrel can easily be made into chairs or tables by a good craftsman. For the metal hoops, it can also be turned into something new. Place a piece of wood vertically on the hoop. Make a hole in its center where a small can fit. Once the wood is secured in place, you can now put some flowers on the vase.
  • Wine barrel wreath. Simply decorate the metal hoops to turn it into a wreath.
  • Wine barrel cooler. You may cut the barrel into two pieces. Attach aluminum inside to act as an insulator. Fill it with ice to serve as a cooler for your bottled beer, wine, whiskey or other drinks.
  • Barrel planter. Cut the barrel into two pieces or into the size of the pot that you want. Drill some holes for excess water. Put some garden soil and plant the seedlings of your choice.
  • Barrel art wall. Place pieces of wood on the metal hoop. The arrangement can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal or combination. Paint it with vivid colors to have a nice hanging wall décor.
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