Range, Stove, Cooktop: Which Is Which?

Almost everybody loves cooking! However, most of us don’t even know what to call that big box that’s in our kitchen. Some would refer to it as a stove while others insist it’s a range or a Cooktops for sale. Apparently, not everyone knows the correct term for that big box we are using. And in most cases, we often confuse the stoves for cooktops, cooktops for the stoves, vice versa. If you’re one of the confused, then let’s go dive into their details and know their differences.


A range can be defined as a kitchen appliance with a cooktop above and an oven beneath to cook food via induction, gas, or electricity. Ranges are used at home or even in commercial establishments.  When used at home, their width starts from 30 inches up to 36 inches while bigger ones are those commonly used in commercial industries. A range usually comes with a hood that hangs freely from the ceiling, attached to the wall, or just a downdraft style.


The stove is the most commonly used term in the kitchen. It is similar to an oven, an enclosed cooking appliance that utilizes fuel, wood, or charcoal. Stoves are used for cooking or heating. Historically, a stove is made up entirely of tiles and bricks with a conduit for the release of gases.

A stove is customarily situated in an enclosed area where the chimney can be properly situated. It comes in different varieties such as portable stove, gas stove, hotplate stove, pellet stove, or wood-burning stove. A gas stove is fueled by inflammable gases like butane, natural gas, or liquified petroleum gas. Meanwhile, a wood-burning stove is the one that uses wood pellets or fuel.


A cooktop is also known by others to be a hob. It is primarily used to heat pots or pans. A cooktop also comes in several varieties. Gas cooktops are those which consist of one or more burners. These burners are also called plates by others. Electric cooktops include ceramic, induction, or ring type.

Cooktops are also termed depending on their placement: installed or hot plate. Installed cooktops can be embodied with a stove or oven but are frequently situated alone. Hot plate cooktops, on the other hand, are portable, oftentimes brought and used in traveling to areas with no electricity. Either a round or flat surface, these hot plate cooktops are used as an alternative to stove and range. Cooktops can be started up by induction, gas or electricity.

Depending on what kind of cooking you are going to do, the right term should always be used to avoid confusion.


To sum this all up, ranges are the combination of a cooktop and an oven, stoves are cubicle-like cooking appliances with a vent, and cooktops are the ones with surfaces used in heating. The next time you’ll come around, gather with your friends, and talk about those aforementioned cooking essentials, you already know what is what and which is which. At least now, you won’t be constantly talking about the wrong thing.

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