Water Turned Into Wine

Miracle in Italy: Water Turned Into Wine?

Wines are one of the most expensive beverages of all time. It is aged and flavored through time. One of the most expensive types of wine can be found in Italy’s bar near Plumbing Pomona—the Frascati wine. This is made from fresh Trebbiano and malvasia grapes made manually by local farmers and licensed brewers.

This wine is specifically from a small town in Marino which is located in the south of Rome. This place is famous for its precious wines and great traditions. They celebrate an Annual harvest festival—commonly known as Sagra dell’Uva.

In this festival, the most awaited scenario will be the annual spurting of 3,000 liters of wine. These wine will be of the year’s freshly pressed vintage from the 17th-century fountain of the Four Moors. To describe, this wine has a really sweet aroma and has a glossy bright red color. The place has been well-known and has been prospering through the years from its annual export of this product.

On the day of Sagra dell’Uva, the attenders were disappointed when at the time of the annual spurting, no drop of wine came out and instead, a few trickles of water spurted. A resident hurriedly shouted ‘miracolo’—getting the crowd’s attention while attending the event. The resident claimed that instead of water, wine was flowing from his kitchen tap!  (that sure is sweet!)

The resident said that he was cooking that time and when it was time to take a wash, upon opening the tap, he smelled a very familiar sweet aroma. He noticed the different color of the supposedly ‘water’ that came out of it. He didn’t bother to take a taste and he just shouted ‘miracolo’ out his windows fro he was so sure that what came out was wine.

Everyone else panicked and hurried on their way home to check this ‘miracle’ for themselves. It’s true! The residents filled their bottles and drums with a lot of wine coming out of their tap! Everyone was shocked believing it was a miracle—Rome was well known to be the home of Catholicism. They associated this event with the event where Jesus (Lord of the Catholics) turned water into wine. They claimed this was a blessing from above.

Upon further investigation of the said event, it was learned that it wasn’t a miracle at all but it was a big mistake. Marino Mayor Adriano Palozzi announced on a public conference with the media that the incident was caused by the plumbers’ mistake. The plumbers mistakenly hooked the tube that provides supply from the local vineyard and interchanged it with the tube that provides for Marino’s domestic water supply.

This incident was first to happen on that year. The Marino Mayor humbly asked for apologies of the troubled tourists and locals. He also gave them the wine they collected for free—which made the citizens really happy and more festive! As per the plumbers, the Mayor made sure that they will be dealt with properly.

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