Pairing Wine with Medjool Dates

Pairing Wine with Medjool Dates

Wine is a beverage that you can enjoy well on its own, but when paired with the right type of food, the whole experience takes on a whole new level. As explained by superedibles,The flavors of both the wine and the food just come together and compliment their different tastes and textures. There are several food items that are best paired with wine. Depending on the food, there are certain wines that are recommended for the pairing.

There are specific wines for red meats, white meats, cheeses and even for sweet foods. An example of those sweet foods can be dates and a popular variety is the Medjool date.

What are Medjool Dates?

Medjool dates, like all the other varieties of dates, are fruits of the date palm tree. In terms of appearance, Medjool dates have that brown wrinkled skin look with a shape that is oval. When you take a bite off of it, it has a sweet, caramel-like taste with a soft and chewy texture. You can imagine why it would go well with wine.

Medjool dates can be bought from different farm stores since they are widely commercialized. A better option is to go for organic Medjool dates for their health benefits.

What Type of Wines Are Best Paired with Medjool Dates?

Since food-wine pairings would depend greatly on the food item, what type of wines can be best paired with Medjool dates? There are 3 popular wines that can be enjoyed while eating those Medjool dates. They’re as follows:


Sherry wine is a sweet wine. You’d wonder why you’d want to pair a sweet fruit with a sweet wine. The secret is that their sweetness actually goes together very well. Sherry wine has different levels of sweetness and has flavors from dried fruits. The Pedro Ximenez and Lustau versions are a must-try if you really want to enjoy Medjool dates to their fullest.

Pinot Noir

Medjool dates are sweet and chewy, and this signature taste and texture can go well with other food items as well. A bacon roll with dates and goat cheese inside is a decadent morsel that you’ll surely love with a glass of Pinot Noir.

The Sonoma Pinot Noir is a widely available wine with its signature dryness. A dry wine means that it has practically no sugar left on it since all of it has been turned to alcohol during fermentation. The sweetness of the Medjool dates perfectly complements that dryness.

Sparkling Wine or Champagne

Sparkling wine can go well with many types of food. It’s best if you go for the “extra dry” ones in order to create variations in the taste and sweetness when eating the dates. Another version of champagne that you can readily buy at your local store are the ones labeled with “demi-sec”. They’re medium-sweet so the taste won’t collide with the sweetness of the Medjool dates.


Enjoying dates or wine on their own will never be as enjoyable once you’ve tried them together. The sweetness and the texture of the dates blend perfectly with the fruity flavor and “dryness” of some widely available wines.

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