Build a Wine Cellar

How to Build a Wine Cellar?

If you are a wine enthusiast and would like to have your own wine collection, then it would really be beneficial if you start building your own wine cellar. 5starroofer is a licensed company who have written steps on how you can finally make this happen, read on to find out.

Step One: Location

If you are new to the idea of building your very own wine cellar, there might be a possibility that you are baffled as to where you should build one in your house. You can basically put it anywhere, but be aware that the location that you choose should be the coldest in the area, and the humidity levels must be at 50 to 80% to prevent mildew from forming on corks. Also, this is to avoid the alteration of the wine’s taste. The owner should be stringent upon deciding where to put the wines to make it last a very long time.

Step Two: Air Circulation

Proper ventilation will help the room maintain the appropriate temperature needed. Owners should take note that a wine room should be in complete darkness or away from UV light most of the time to avoid prematurely spoilt wines. Most owners use air conditioners to cool the room, especially on places with varying temperatures.

Step Three: Insulation

Insulation is needed to lessen the energy consumption and help owners save up while having their own wine cellar. It is best to seal the walls and ceiling with spray foam and poly vapor.

Additionally, you should not forget insulating the floors unless it will be located on your basement where it is much cooler than the rest of the house. Thick carpets can do the trick to avoid the cold air from passing through the floor. Also, when needed, you can also do roof repairs to avoid natural light from seeping inside your wine cellar.

Step Four: Lighting

Choose light bulbs with dim lighting. Too bright lights can affect the temperature of the room, so it is advisable to pick lighting that will minimally affect the room’s humidity.

Step Five: Doors

Ordinary doors won’t do, especially if it is thin enough to make the air escape in no time. Choose thick doors and put weather stripping or foam tape around the sides of the door to maintain the cool air inside the room.

Step 6: Design

Are you going to invite friends for a wine tasting or this is just for your collection? If you are planning to conduct a wine tasting event, then you should add a table and a few chairs to accommodate your guests, but if it is just a space for collecting, you can choose to add wine racks to fit more wine bottles in the future.

Numerous wine cellar owners treat their wines as an investment as some wines that are finely aged can be worth a lot than their original price. It could also be that you just want to show off your collection to your fellow wine connoisseurs. Whatever your reasons are, follow the guidelines above, so you can finally make your own cellar and start collecting new wines to be enjoyed by your family and friends.

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