Does a glass of wine before bed help you sleep better?

Before hitting their bamboo mattresses and heading to dreamland, some people love having a glass of wine to complete their day.

However, this only lasts for a short time due to the many trips to the bathroom at night and breathing problems due to throat muscle relaxation leading to snoring. For this reason, it is advisable to drink only a glass or two of wine a few hours before hitting the matters by for a sound sleep at night.

Wine just like any other type of alcohol is a sedative which when taken makes one feel dizzy and fall asleep. This is due to the fact that it stimulates some metabolism reactions, releases hormones (epinephrine) and lowers one’s body temperature. Below are the reasons and more explanation as to why a glass of wine before bed does not help you sleep better.

Disruption of REM sleep

People who take too much wine before heading to bed deprive themselves of getting quality sleep. The wine inhibits the most important type of sleep known as paradoxical sleep. Due to the lack of this type of sleep, one is likely to wake up confused. The confusion is brought about by lack of moods balance and not storing memory as a result of lack of REM sleep. Moreover, youare likely to wake up with severe migraines due to lack of REM sleep.

Bladder disruption

When people drink wine before bedtime, they interfere with the bladder system which triggers the production of more urine at night. This leads to frequent visits to the loo and thus interruption of sleep.

Disruption of normal sleeping pattern

Drinking wine at night is most likely to interfere with your daily sleeping routine due to the release of the melatonin hormone that is present in the drink. Although consumers are likely to fall asleep in a blink of an eye, the sleep elopes as fast as it came. This is due to the production of more than the usual adenosine chemical (triggers some sleep in the brain) which makes one sleep faster. Sadly, it alleviates so fast, disrupting one’s sleep and thus, they do not rest enough.

Effects of wine on different sexes before bed time

When it comes to gender and drinking wine at night for better sleep, women get the most negative effect on sleep due to the fact that they have a quick alcohol metabolism system. They are bound to have lengthier sleepless nights than men despite taking the same amount of wine before going to bed.


Although a glass of wine at night is healthy for the heart and the entire body in general. Too much of it before going to bed will definitely steal away a restful sleep. Instead of relying on it for sleep, there are other better alternatives such as taking a few glasses of water. With this, you are likely to sleep very well and get super hydrated.


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