How to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Wine Bar at Home

Are you looking to add a home bar to your den as a way of entertaining your friends and family? Well, a lot of things such as size, the space available, comfort, usage and functionality should be put to mind. The right home bar furniture will provide comfort, reflect your style and provide warmth to your home. Here are some tips to help you purchase the right furniture for your home wine bar.

Size and Space

The first thing experts from Michelangelo Designs suggest is, you need to take measurements of the area where you want to place them. do this before you even start shopping for a complete set of table and stools for your home bar. Make sure there is adequate space behind the bar so that you can have enough room to make cocktail. When measuring, ensure there is plenty of legroom and space for people to lounge around.

You also need to leave space in case you are planning to add a beer fridge.

Bar Stool Height

Height is an important consideration when you are shopping for home bar stools. The wrong height of bar stools will not only be uncomfortable but will also look disproportionate. Bar stool heights come in three types.

  • Counter Stools

Counter stools are usually 24”-26” tall. They are ideal for kitchen counters that are 36”-39” tall.

  • Classic Bar Stools

These bar stools typically measure 30” tall and are great for standard bars of about 42’’ tall.

  • Extra Tall Bar Stools

These bars have a height of around 34”-36’’. Because of their unusual height, they are perfect if your counter is 48’’ or more. These types of stools are usually customized and not readily available.

It is advisable to choose bar stools that allow 9”-12” between the counter and the top of the seat.


The type of furniture you purchase for your home bar will depend on the comfort level you want. Begin by determining how often you are planning to use the bar furniture. If you plan to use an Italian furniture for an extended period of time, then comfort should be a priority.

For such situations, choose upholstered stools that will provide more comfort. Wooden and modern stools are stylish and attractive but do not offer comfort if you are planning to use it for a longer period.


Just like choosing any other pieces of furniture, keen consideration should be put when choosing the materials for your bar furniture. With good quality materials, you will be assured that the furniture will last longer. Bar stools come in different types of materials including wood, metal, and rattan. You should, therefore, examine the cons and pros of each material before making your decision.


Bar furniture come in an array of styles and shapes. Thus, you should know what will work best for you before you make any buying decision. Stools also come in different styles including the backless stools, bar stools with arms, swivel stools, and upholstered stools.

Although not a comfortable option, the backless stools are typically space-saving. Bar stools with arms provide comfort, but they are wide and require more space. Swivel stools, on the other hand, are heavy, but they are convenient where there are children. If you want to add formality to your bar while providing utmost comfort, upholstered stools are the best option.

You can also choose a design and style that matches the existing decor in the room. For instance, find stools that complement the look of the bar including the color.

If you love to invite your friends to your home, there is no better way to entertain them than with a home bar. With the home bar culture growing in many households, homeowners are finding the need to find the right home bar furniture that make their guests comfortable and feel welcomed to their home. Whether you are just starting out or want to add new furniture to your wine bar, the above tips will guide you in picking the best home bar furniture.

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