Post Offices in Danger

2,000 Post Offices in Danger of Being Closed

We live in the digital age. Many of us are paying our bills online. Suppose, you don’t know the location of post office then you can simply search post office near me and get the proper direction to post office. Many of us are also sending our packages through places such as Federal Express. This may be why, according to a recent story reported by, Congress is considering the idea of closing 2,000 post offices nationwide.

Do you use the Post Office on a regular basis? Did you know that 24 million pieces of mail are sent via the United States Post Office every week (which consists of six days)?

Did you also know that the USPS has a $8.5 billion deficit? Did you know that USPS is losing $23 million a day?

What does Congress want to do about it? They want to close 2,000 post offices nationwide. Many of these offices are in rural communities. This may mean that it will become harder for older Americans to get to their nearest post office. These are the same people who probably do not like paying their bills through the Internet; thus, these are the people whom this idea may hurt the most.

Congress is also reviewing the idea of closing another 16,000 post offices nationwide. That would be a grand total of 18,000 offices. But could that hurt America?

For one thing, Americans who did not live near a post office would have to pay more for using UPS or Fed Express to send their letters and packages. Consider these price comparisons.

If you wanted to send a normal letter with ground shipping it would cost you:

  • Via the Post Office: 44 cents
  • Via FED EX: $8.46
  • Via UPS: $9.30

If you wanted to send a normal letter with next day air:

  • Post Office: $18.30
  • FED EX: $33.17
  • UPS: $33.17

If you wanted to send 5lb package standard shipping:

  • Post Office: $10.95
  • FED EX: $12.18
  • UPS: $13.54

If you wanted to send a 5lb package Next Day Air:

  • Post Office: $49.70
  • FED Ex: $73.98
  • UPS: $73.98

As you can see from the above price comparisons, it is in the benefit to our budgets if America’s post offices are in operation.

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