Shower Curtain

How to Make a Custom Window Dressing from a Shower Curtain

Stuck with a beautiful bathroom window that has no curtain – but a striking set of shower curtains that would be perfect if only they weren’t … well, for the duscharmatur 2021? Voila! In 15 minutes, you’ll have a custom window treatment that everyone will be amazed that you created – and one that you’ll love!

Things You’ll Need:

  • 2 washable polyester shower curtains
  • 2 curtain holdbacks with necessary hardware

Step1 Thread the stem of each holdback through the curtain ring openings of one shower curtain. Make sure the “right” side of the curtain (which usually faces the room away from the shower) will be showing when the holdback is mounted.
Step2 Using the instructions that came with your curtain holdbacks, mount them on the upper corners of your window. Make sure to avoid drilling into any underlying metal window supports. Mount the holdbacks with the opening facing up. You should have a curtain hanging from each holdback.
Gently take each curtain and, easing the fabric, drape in across the window and over the opposite holdback. Once both are done, gently adjust the draping across the middle and on each side to be symmetrical.
That’s it – you’re done! Wasn’t that amazingly easy? It matches all the other bathroom accessories and looks like a professional did it. Imagine the pride you’ll have when you say, “and I did it myself”!

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